H17B2 FL Bulldozer Products Sales Promotion
date:  2019-11-18  14:49    |    Attention:  328

       DH17B2 FL is one remote controlled static pressure drive sanitation bulldozer that can be operated by either remote controller or onboard controller, with the reliable remote control range up to 500m. 

        This product is mainly suitable for the severe working environment and the working environment highly endangering the human health and safety, such as the building demolition, emergency rescue, and other high risk operations. This machine features remote control, high safety, environmental-friendliness, and excellent performance.

     If any inquiry, feel free to contact with us,   from 1st to November 30  purchased DH17B2 FL bulldozer products,from online inquiry and success with order,can get a buldozer model for free.

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