SD13R Bulldozer Products Sales Promotion
date:  2019-12-14  11:24    |    Attention:  369

SD13R sanitation bulldozer is researched and developed in response to the operation demands of sanitation treatment sites in domestic cities, featuring high technologic content, advanced and reasonable design, strong power, and high productivity.

TECHNICAL FEATURES1With the working device of flexible operations and the cab of broad visual field and good comfort, this product can adapt to more severe working environment. With convenient maintenances and repairs, it’s an ideal earth-moving machine for sanitation treatment sites as well as wetlands and marshlands. 2The standard sanitation blade features strong cutting force to handle all kinds of working faces, especially the operations in the wastelands and wetlands, and its durability is guaranteed by the application of high strength box-type structure and high performance material.

If any inquiry, feel free to contact with us,   from 1st to December 30 purchased SD13R bulldozer products,from online inquiry and success with order,can get a buldozer model for free.

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