SE60 Excavator Products Sales Promotion
date:  2020-01-10  14:58    |    Attention:  317

*Kubota engine. The engine conforms to China-III emission regulation and features strong power, low fuel consumption, and prominent performance and the aluminum paralleling radiator features good heat dissipation performance.
*Electro-mechanically integrated intelligent electronic control system with proprietary intellectual property rights. The multi-functional LCD display can realize the data acquisition and transmission, orientation, control, protection, and remote firmware upgrade and achieve high intelligent control.
*All-new cab with broader vision field and more reasonable space layout. The air-cushioned seats and the ergonomic control system realize simpler and more comfortable operations and minimize the driver’s fatigue.
*High reliability traveling mechanism and working device. The application of strength calculation, finite element analysis, and new structures and new materials for the structural parts improves the reliability of the structural parts.
*Convenient repairs and maintenances. The application of full-opening front and rear hoods and side gates and the central lubrication system for slewing system realizes convenient and efficient maintenances and reduces the maintenance costs.

    If any inquiry, feel free to contact with us,   from 1st to January 31 purchased SE60 excavator products,from online inquiry and success with order,can get a excavator model for free.


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