SE75W Excavator Products Sales Promotion
date:  2020-02-19  14:55    |    Attention:  318

    *The Weichai WP3 engine conforms to the China-III emission regulation and features high energy-saving and environmental-friendliness, low noise, strong power, and excellent highland adaptability. The aluminum paralleling radiator features large heat dissipation area and good heat dissipation performance.
    *The imported hydraulic units from world’s renowned brands and the load-sensing hydraulic system with constant power and electronic proportional control supply the oil of required pressure and flow based on the load to minimize the energy loss and realize good motion coordination.
    *The accelerator features rapid and accurate control. The application of non-linear multi-dimensional power control optimization improves the working efficiency and reduces the fuel consumption. The preset working modes of Heavy-Load (P), Economic (E), Automatic (A), and Breaking Hammer (B) are at the user’s free choice based on the actual working condition. The friendly human-machine interface eases the operations.
    *The cab boasts comfortable operation space with broad vision field and the effective color matching of upholstery and reasonable arrangement of controls as per the ergonomic principle. The high performance shock absorbers feature high vibration isolation, low stiffness, and good vibration and shock absorption to guarantee the user’s operation comfort.
    *The extended and widened wheel tread and track gauge, the enhanced working device, and the reasonably arranged parts guarantee the high safety, stability, and reliability of the machine.
    *The streamline appearance design and the coordinated matching between colors and markings forge the China’s first-class appearance of machine.
    If any inquiry, feel free to contact with us,   from 1st to Feb 29 purchased SE75W excavator products,from online inquiry and success with order,can get a excavator model for free.

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