SE1135 Excavator Products Sales Promotion
date:  2020-03-19  16:26    |    Attention:  305

 The Commins QSF3.8T engine, Electronically controlled high pressure common rail system.The engine confirm to the China-III emission regulation and features high energy-saving and
environmental-friendliness,low noise,strong power.Fuel system adopts three-stage integrated diesel filter, air intake system adopts radial sealed air filter, standard air filter, and effectively
prolongs the service life of the engine.The aluminum paralleling radiator features large heat dissipation area and good heat dissipationperformance.
     The original imported hydraulic system,with constant power and electric proportional control of the dual-pump dual-loop negative flow hydraulic system,which is stable and reliable..
     The accelerator features rapid and accuratecontrol. The application of non-linear Multi-dimensional power control optimization improves the working efficiency and reduces the fuel
consumption.The preset working modes of Heavy-Load (P), Economic (E), Automatic (A), and Breaking Hammer (B) are at the user’s free choice based on theactual working condition.The
friendly human-machine interface eases the operations.
     Comfortable operating space, wide field of vision, according to ergonomic cab interior colors and effective control and reasonable arrangement of the device, high-performance shock absorber,
vibration isolation, low stiffness, vibration, shock absorption performance; To ensure the user’s comfortable operation.
* Enhanced working device, rotary platform and heavy chassis, making the machine safe, stable, reliable and lasting work.
    With the streamlined design, the whole mold electrophoresis treatment cover, high rigidity, good weather resistance.

    If any inquiry, feel free to contact with us,   from 1st to Mar 31 purchased SE135 excavator products,from online inquiry and success with order,can get a excavator model for free.

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